Mothers Part 2

What do mothers do all day?  

Before I continue to look at the role of mothers in any more detail, I feel it is important to dispel the numerous myths there are around motherhood.  

Mothers still socialise   

Some people believe that choosing to start a family means saying goodbye to your social life. This is not true. Mothers go out all the time! Some mothers go out to clubs, bars and even all-night parties. Other mums tend not to go to such places because they are too tired, skint, or busy. However, there are still plenty of places out there for these women to mix with other adults. There is Asda, for example, or Sainsbury’s. Then there’s the doctor’s surgery and the park. Yep, there’s always the park.  

Mothers go on Holiday  

When you are a mother, you can still travel to lots of different places, you just have to bring your children with you. I mean, you might not be able to go clubbing in Ibiza or Ayia Napa anymore. But there are still lots of exciting places to visit. For example, one might spend a couple of weeks at a château in the Dordogne. Then there’s Vermont, which provides the perfect place for a skiing holiday.   

But luxury holidays are not for everyone, so luckily there are lots of other options for a mother and her family. Caravan holidays, for example, or renting a chalet in Dymchurch. And then there are those vouchers you can cut out of The Sun newspaper. Let’s not also forget the faithful four-man tent. I mean, who doesn’t adore camping with little ones?  

Finally, there is one place which provides some respite for parents, and one which is very affordable and that’s Grandma’s house. Leaving your kids with your parents’ usually costs nothing. And when you check your kids in, it’s like you’ve been granted annual leave. Without the kids you instantly feel like you are on a relaxing weekend getaway, even if you do nothing but drink tea and watch Murder, She Wrote all weekend.  

Mothers have meaningful conversations  

Being a mother means you often spend vast amounts of time in the company of children. Subsequently, this creates a strong desire to communicate with any other living creature you meet, even a cat or a pigeon for example. Interestingly a mother can recognise another mum in any setting, a bus stop, a hospital waiting room, even a public toilet. These brief encounters provide a perfect and much needed opportunity for adult conversation such as,   

“Ahhh, how old is your baby?  

“Seven months, and yours?”  

“Almost a year.”  

“I am so tired.”  

“Yes, I’m really tired too.”  

Adult interactions are essential when you are a mother as they help safeguard against the onset of insanity. But this is not the only thing that gives a Mother strength. Some mothers also have faith. For these women, their God provides them with the hope and courage to keep going. Other mothers find salvation elsewhere: in the pub or the hairdresser for example or in online gambling.  

Mothers keep abreast of current affairs  

Just because a woman has children does not mean she can’t keep up with global events. Mothers read the newspapers too you know. Only the other day I saw two women, out with their babies discussing world news.  

One woman was talking about the extreme political upheaval in Russia and the Baltic states. The other lady, well at first, she seemed to just stare vacantly into space. However, after just a little while, she replied,  

“Russia, yes Russia that’s a country, isn’t it?”  

Okay, it wasn’t a long discussion, but you get my point.  

If you would like to find out more about mothers check out tomorrows post.

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