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Evil Spirits (Mass part 2)

Esme and her three little friend

The Mother hadn’t planned on having a late night at the outset, it genuinely just happened. It was a little after 8.00pm. She was about to head home with Esme and three of her little friends when she noticed something. Outside her local pub in Peckham, a large crowd appeared to be gathering.

Mums, dads, zombies, witches, ghosts. Demonic wolves and that scary-looking fucker from Hellraiser were happily drinking and laughing outside The Albert. It was only Tuesday, but it was obvious that parents felt like they’d earned themselves a drink. The Mother certainly had. For trick a treating when you’re an adult basically involves escorting a bunch of overexcited, hysterical kids from one house to the next while loudly saying, “Say thank you,” and “Mind the bloody car” on a loop.

Yes, she’d earned that drink, that was her treat. And the kids, well, they wouldn’t mind. Christ, they’d had so many sweets, they wouldn’t be sleeping till Christmas anyway.

Jim, the landlord of the pub, was a muscular man with short-cropped black hair and a tattoo of a naked lady on his left arm. Think Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male, but without the sailor’s hat. But he wasn’t all brawn and no brains, for he had clearly seen the potential of Hallowe’en to pull in the punters. 

There was a special on “Zombie Juice”, aka Bloody Mary. Also, a cauldron full of witch’s blood, which was most likely the mulled wine leftover from last Christmas. There was even a little bar serving non-alcoholic Hallowe’en drinks to kids.  The bar staff seemed to be happily turning a blind eye to their “no children after 7pm o’clock” rule. What started as a quick drink ended, several Zombie Juices later, with an impromptu party in the backroom.

Luckily, the Mother’s partner had arrived at some point in the evening and taken the children home. This was a blessing for Esme as well as the Mother. There was no bigger embarrassment than watching your mother dance, except perhaps watching her dance while pissed, tired and dressed as a sexy witch, a large one at that.

Inappropriately she did not leave the party on the stroke of midnight but did at least make it home before one. Soon after she was safely tucked up, fully clothed on the sofa, under a large towel, To be fair it had looked a lot more like a blanket when she’d noticed squashed it in the washing basket. But this did at least explain why it had felt so crunchie. Fabric softener was a luxury in her house.

A few hours later she would find herself freezing cold, hungover and stinking of cheap cocktails but in retrospect that could be regarded as the high point of the day. As from that moment onwards, things would get a whole lot worse.

Help me up and call me a cab!

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Images courtesy of SvenKirsch – Pixabay

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