Leyton – Part 3

The children were gripped following the twists and turns of the debate between her and Leyton. Abdul piped up

“Yeah, I’ve seen a dinosaur too Miss.” 

While Ava shouted out excitingly

“Miss, Miss, are you going to send him to Year 2, that’s what Misses Brennan always does.”

The Mother persevered

“Look, Leyton, it is not possible. I mean, it isn’t physically possible. It was millions of years…..”

“I have, I went there with my dad, ask my dad.”

Now Leyton’s Dad was built like a brick shit house and like Leyton he also had a lot of say.  He had a lot to say about Muslims and Sikhs, or terrorists and ragheads as he preferred to call them. He had a lot to say about, “The Gay Agenda,” as he called it.  Leyton’s Dad also have lots of questions such as,

“When are you actually going to teach something about the Christian religion, I mean you go and on about fucking Divali, but what Christmas when are you celebrate that ay?

Well,probably when it’s Christmas thought the Mother.  Jesus if only we didn’t celebrate Christmas, then we wouldn’t have spend every spare second from November onwards practicing the bloody Christmas  play! 

If Leyton’s Dad believed he’d been to the Jurassic period and had a cup of tea with a brachiosaurus that was fine with her, she wasn’t about to challenge him.

At home time, however, the Mother did, unfortunately, bump into Leyton’s Dad. Amazingly on this one occasion, the Mother had to give the boy some credit; he wasn’t far wrong. 

Father and son had recently spent a week in a caravan on the Isle of White. During their holiday, they made multiple trips to Blackgang Chine and its Dinosaur Park. Turns out, Leyton had got up close and personal with the best of ’em.

The Mother knew the dinosaur park there very well.  She herself had visited it many times with her own kids and loved this tranquil and charming little island.

But she had to admit it did feel like the whole place had been frozen in time, the 1940’s perhaps. With its old trains, tea houses, absence of black faces, and distinct lack of gay bars, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported back to another era. But still, Leyton was still wrong for the Jurassic Period it was not!

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