Parenting Blues by W.H Vardy!

Stop all the clocks,

cut off the telephone,

Prevent the dog from barking on a juicy bone,

Silence the dishwasher

and with muffled drum

In walks my child,

and the moaning comes

Let aero planes high above us, flee abroad

And in the sky scribble the message ‘My child is bored.”

She has the moon on a Fxxking stick and twelve pet doves,

Magnetic slime and magnetic gloves!

She has toys, and games, and books and even Chess!

But my child is still bored, so why should I get to rest,

From noon until midnight, she laments the same song;

I thought Connect Four would last forever: I was wrong.

The minions are not wanted now; put them way every one,

Pack up twister and dismantle the marble run

Pour away the slime, and the perfume kit I bought her

For nothing now can ever amuse my daughter.

Image courtesy of Saydung89 – Pixabay

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