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Talent in a fish bowl

Talent in a fish bowl

(Originally called, “Woman comes to terms with not having lived in a fish bowl for 20 years!)

‘I first discovered my epic work of poetry in my mother’s loft,’ explains middle-aged mother of two, Angela Walters.‘I was busy getting rid of my old crap from my mum’s house. She’s been on about it for ages. I did explain to her that my stuff was collectable and quite valuable but she wasn’t buying it and since no one else was either, I agreed to sort it out. Anyway, there I was raking through my old records and school books and stuff when it peeked out under the February 1987 edition of NME: a tattered piece of paper with my writing on it. It was a poem. I read it there and then, and when I’d finished I just went numb.

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