Deep in the heart of Peckham, lives a working mother. A mother who walks a precarious path and one littered with obstacles.  There’s financial instability, inadequate housing, unruly children and that’s just for starters. Her only weapons in this fight are sarcasm, contempt, and her untamed imagination.    

How did she come to be here anyway? This wasn’t the life she’d always dreamt of.  Unmarried, skint, and bringing up two kids in a council flat in Peckham. Challenging? Demanding? That didn’t even come close. Sometimes just sharing a bedroom with her not quite husband was tough, let alone sharing it with their daughter, a Brompton, and an arthritic cat as well. Then, there was work, when she could get it. Still at least being a temp meant she couldn’t get sacked.  

If your an overworked mother, father or even an arthritic cat this could well be the blog for you. If on the other hand, you have no kids at all, even better, read on to remind yourself why your chosen not to reproduce!

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

19/06/20 Frogs having sex Add from Germany – Pixabay

05/07/20 Sleeping Beauty  Jo-B Pixabay

25/07/20 Pencil  Gordon Johnson Pixabay

8/08/20 Money Image by DerDani from Pixabay

07/09/20 Victorian women image by Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

09/09/20 “Fuck” My own work!

09/09/20 Lego Storm Troppers Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

16/09/20 Strange but beautiful house giovanni gargiulo  Pixabay