I started writing my posts about three years ago when one morning my daughter decided she wanted Princess Leia hair about two minutes before we were due to leave the house. She was already late for school. I was late for work. Of course, I uttered the usual stream of expletives under my breath, but on that particular morning, it just didn’t seem to help. I needed something more.

That evening I began to rant on Facebook, with sarcasm and venom, and to my surprise, I felt a lot better! And people liked my post, they even shared it.

Over the next few weeks, anything that upset or annoyed me went on my Facebook page too. I wrote about stroppy teenagers, massive hangovers, racist grandads, even death, it was all there. My method of coping with life’s problems has always been to find humour in them.

It soon became apparent that many others shared my experiences and frustrations and wanted to read more, so I continued to write, and thus the Sarcastic Mother was born.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

19/06/20 Frogs having sex Add from Germany – Pixabay

05/07/20 Sleeping Beauty  Jo-B Pixabay

25/07/20 Pencil  Gordon Johnson Pixabay

8/08/20 Money Image by DerDani from Pixabay

07/09/20 Victorian women image by Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

09/09/20 “Fuck” My own work!

09/09/20 Lego Storm Troppers Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

16/09/20 Strange but beautiful house giovanni gargiulo  Pixabay