All about me

Given the themes in my writing, it is probably no great surprise that I live in a council flat in Peckham, at least I did for 16 years. I now have a lovely council house, something these days which is almost as rare as a white peacock. Oh, but I’m still in Peckham. I live with my partner and my two children, Thing One, a boy of 19 and Thing 2, an 11 year old girl. Although I worked for many years as a teacher, I currently work as a Teaching Assistant; a role that gives me more time to pursue a career in writing, well I say career…

I spent much of my teens and early twenties, campaigning for human rights, animal rights and against racism. I was also an active hunt saboteur for more than a decade. After coming into conflict with the law so often, it seemed only fitting that when i eventually made it to university, I studied Criminology. I was helped a great deal with my studies by finally getting a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.   

I continue to study and recently spent two years learning British Sign Language. Last year I also spent 3 months at college learning WordPress. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks! When I manage to find somewhere that teach intermediate Word press, I will be jazzing up my website a bit. Although new to blogging I have already had one of her posts published on, ‘The Deserter’ website.

I am a prolific reader and also a huge fan of alternative comedy. I have seen many great comedians live including Steward Lee, Joe Brand, Jeremy Hardy, Mark Thomas and Charlie Brooker. Oh and I am still fiercely political and vegetarian. As for my name, well, I prefer to remain and enigma!

Thank you in no particular order to:

Nicola Reed, Wendy Thurley, Jean Comb, Richard Comb, Penny Taylor, Catherine Williams, Simon Taylor, Nikki Wooden, Julian Paldoe, Lucy Fisher and Bernadette Thurley.

Also a massive thank you to my partner Dan for his endless patience and encouragement. and for listening to me, on days when I talked about nothing but my writing! Your a star!

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

19/06/20 Frogs having sex Add from Germany – Pixabay

05/07/20 Sleeping Beauty  Jo-B Pixabay

25/07/20 Pencil  Gordon Johnson Pixabay

8/08/20 Money Image by DerDani from Pixabay

07/09/20 Victorian women image by Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

09/09/20 “Fuck” My own work!

09/09/20 Lego Storm Troppers Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

16/09/20 Strange but beautiful house giovanni gargiulo  Pixabay