All about me

My background as a primary school teacher is the source of much of my material. As is the reality of bringing up two kids in a two-bedroom council flat in Peckham. When I’m not writing, working or looking after my children, I am engaging in my hobbies, which include putting out the rubbish, cleaning out the cat litter tray and doing the Guardian quick crossword. Oh, and of course engaging in my own personal struggle against inequality.

I currently live with my partner and my two children, a young man of 19 and a daughter of 11. I am employed as a teaching assistant at a local school.

A massive thank you to the following people for proofreading my blogs for nothing more than a thank you and the promise of a glass of wine, which incidentally none of them have received yet! If it weren’t for these people, my blog would not have been possible. Well, actually, it would have possible, you just wouldn’t be able to read it!

Thank you in no particular order to:

Nicola Reed, Wendy Thurley, Jean Comb, Richard Comb, Penny Taylor, Catherine Williams, Simon Taylor, Nikki Wooden, Julian Paldoe, Lucy Fisher and Bernadette Thurley.

Also a massive thank you to my partner Dan for his endless patience and encouragement. and for listening to me, on days when I talked about nothing but my writing! Your a star!

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

19/06/20 Frogs having sex Add from Germany – Pixabay

05/07/20 Sleeping Beauty  Jo-B Pixabay

25/07/20 Pencil  Gordon Johnson Pixabay

8/08/20 Money Image by DerDani from Pixabay

07/09/20 Victorian women image by Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

09/09/20 “Fuck” My own work!

09/09/20 Lego Storm Troppers Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

16/09/20 Strange but beautiful house giovanni gargiulo  Pixabay