What did you just say!

Although my rants are based on real-life experiences, they are usually about extremes. They are the worst of life, not the best! So I just want to set the record straight.

I have had some amazing British builders carry out work on my flat. Two guys, in particular, did an amazing job on my flat’s crumbling walls and later went on to get a job at the Sistine Chapel.

And yes I have had some awful experiences in Jobcentres, but I have also met staff who have gone out of their way to sort out my claims for benefit. One particular lady at Peckham spent hours helping me with forms and phone calls, trying to complete the whole laborious application process. When we found out I wasn’t entitled to anything, I think she was more upset and tearful than me.

As for Southwark Council, the majority of the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful. On numerous occasions, they have helped work out and revise my bill so that I can pay my council tax. Many years ago, I worked in a Jobcentre in Hackney and later for a housing association. My main task involved sorting out people’s problems and issues over the phone. I lasted less than a year in both. I didn’t so much walk out as run.

And for the record, on those grim mornings when I am barely able to get out of bed, let alone look at my haggard, hungover face in the mirror, my partner has always made me a cup of tea. Well, nearly always!

Finally, the cooker hob I smashed with a Le Creuset saucepan, I paid for in anguish, tears and hard cash. 300 quid to be precise. I never did it again.

Just one more thing…

My blog documents my experiences as a mother and is told entirely from my perspective. In short, it is all about me. Don’t be disappointed if there is very little mention of fathers. This is not to negate the equally demanding role they play as parents. Also, it is not to say that dads don’t feel similar pressures, frustrations and exhaustion from all the roles they have in society. But this is not for me to write. Perhaps there is a sarcastic father out there who wants to give his perspective on modern life.